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ARS is a BBB Accredited Unclaimed Funds Retrieval Service in Los Angeles, CA

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How did you find me?
We have complete access to records through proprietary databases and in-house resources and network contacts. We gather past and present information to find missing links necessary to move forward and locate owners or heirs using public and proprietary data such as local telephone and city directories, data collection bureaus, and genealogical records. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How did my property get lost or unclaimed?

Property becomes unclaimed when the asset and the original owner become disconnected. Relocation failure to notify post office of change of address, name changes or the death of the original owner are just a few of the reasons why an asset becomes unclaimed.​

Why do I need to use ARS?
​​ARS is recognized nationally for its exceptional work in returning lost property to rightful owners and we provide every client with a hassle-free, streamlined recovery process.

Because off our extensive expertise and understanding of complex inheritance laws and regulations related to dormant accounts, we save our clients the headache of having to prove their claims. We know how to determine the rightful heirs and beneficiaries, and how claims should be paid. ARS obtains all necessary documentation at no additional cost to prove the correct entitlement to the funds.

Why can't I just use the internet to claim​ my property?
​​​​Most claims require extensive research and authentic documentation to determine the rightful owner or heir. The internet alone dose not cover all aspects of submitting a claim with the right documentation to prove entitlement.

What do I do with the lost asset recovery agreement?
Sign, date and return the agreement to ARS via fax, e-mail or through regular mail.

Do I need to provide you with any personal information?
​​No, we will never ask you for social security numbers, financial records, account numbers or any other privacy related information.

Are there any up-front fees, costs or retainer fees to recover my funds?
​​​No, there is never any up-front money necessary, any costs associated with the recovery of your funds are advanced by ARS as part of its service. The only possible cost to you could be a notary fee but ARS is happy to reimburse you for that.

As explained in our Recovery Agreement, there is absolutely no risk or up-front cost to the rightful owner. If no recovery is made due to an extenuating circumstance, ARS receives absolutely nothing and absorbs the cost of the efforts made to locate the rightful owner. The rightful owner is never asked to pay anything in advance, nor is he or she ever requested to bear any of the expense of the extensive research and costly legal fees incurred by ARS.​​

How long does the recovery process take?​

​​​Depending on the nature of the claim and who the holder is, the process can take anywhere from six weeks to six months. Hardship and elderly claims can be expedited.​ ​​​Because each claim represents an individual circumstance, it is difficult to determine exactly how long it will take for the assets to be recovered.

How do I get started on this process?
​A phone call, e-mail or fax to ARS will get the process started. Once we receive the initial contract from the rightful owner we will initiate the claim.

How do I know if I'm the right claimant or heir?

We cross reference and verify all claimant's with previous and current addresses, former names from name changes and AKA's, relativesv etc. beforehand to make sure we have located the right person. If the claimant's name is very common we might need more information to verify that we have located the right person.

What is my role and what is ARS's role in the recovery process?

Your role is to sign, date and return all paper work to ARS necessary to process your claim, and ARS's role is to gather all documents to prove your entitlement to the claim and to facilitate communication with the holder and the claimant to insure speedy payment of the claim.

What type of documentation is required to submit a claim?
​​​​Each claim is unique and will require different documents depending on the circumstances involved. Personal information may be requested in order to verify payment is being made to the rightful party.

What happens if other heirs do not respond?
Your claim is not depending on other claimants, if an owner or heir is not cooperating or responding you will still be paid your percentage of the claim regardless of what the circumstance might be.

How is ARS compensated for their services?
ARS works on a contingent basis, we receive our compensation once our client's claim is successfully completed and paid.​

​​Where are the funds located?

​​​Unclaimed funds can be held by anyone who holds someone else's property such as banks, insurance companies, corporations, mutual fund companies etc.

ARS is a BBB Accredited Unclaimed Funds Retrieval Service in Los Angeles, CA

Why was I contacted?
A recent record review prompted us to contact you regarding assets still outstanding. You may be a named owner of outstanding accounts or you may be an heir of unclaimed assets, or have property rights in some way that was unknown to you.

​​​​Toll Free: 1-800-701-0236

​​We are a company whose main focus is to reunite owners or beneficiaries with unclaimed funds. Unclaimed property includes a variety of lost assets including bank accounts, insurance policies, stock certificates, utility companies and other entitlements. Most property is considered "unclaimed" if it has been inactive for three years or more.